What is tre Ministries? 

It is a place for young adults and high schoolers to gather and experience belonging and community in a welcoming atmosphere.

How did it start?

Our founder, Sandy Berven, a local youth ministry director, has long wanted to find a space in central Sioux Falls accessible to the college campuses, for youth and young adults to gather, drink coffee, study, make friends, and basically feel at home—something that she heard many of them missing in their post-high school life. tre was available and the owner of the building supported her dream to make tre Lounge into tre Ministries.

Who can come to tre Ministries?

It’s young adult and high school aged focused but all are welcome to come and experience the space and enjoy the coffee shop. We hope area churches will come and use the space for their youth groups.  

Are you keeping the name tre Lounge? 

Yes, the t of †re represents the cross and our foundational belief in the trinity—the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. We’re embracing “Lounge” because it implies gathering, rest, and conversation.

What is the mission of tre Ministries?

tre Ministries is committed to creating a purposeful space intended to unlock the potential of our youth and young adults spiritually, physically, socially, and academically.

How will you reach your mission?  

We will provide an affirming and welcoming environment with a goal of strengthening youth and young adults’ spiritually, physically, socially and academically.

Is tre a church?

No, tre is not a church but it is our goal that by experiencing what tre offers youth and young adults will find a local church to call home.

Can I use this space for a meeting, reception, etc?

We welcome any groups whose activity or event is compatible with our mission (see 4 above). We have a fee structure for renting the space. For information on renting the space visit our website.

Is tre a non-profit?

Yes, we have 501c3 status from the state of South Dakota.

How can I get involved?

We ask that you share the story of this place with your friends, family, church home, and on social media. Your prayers are powerful and a gift to the ministry. A financial donation would help fund our programming expenses and lease payments. There is currently no paid staff. We are always open to volunteers!

Will there be worship services?

We are planning to use the front lounge area as a worship space on Sunday afternoons. We will be inviting area pastors to preach.

Will there be food?

We do not have food for sale inside the building. Depending on the event being held, food may be brought in. Please contact us before bringing food into the building.

Where can I get information to share with others?

Please join our Facebook page and visit our website. We also have an Instagram feed you can follow.