Mission Statement

A place for purpose.

Vision statement

tre Ministries is committed to create a purposeful space intended to unlock the potential of our youth and young adults spiritually, physically, socially and academically. 


Our Values

Simply Jesus - At tre we strive to keep the program, the mission and the space as simplistic as possible. We can become consumed with deeds done for Christ that we completely miss Him. tre is devoted to being a place of ministry for the community, but also for the individual. We are human beings, not human doings. As much as we value the work of harvest, we want to be just as intentional about planting the truths needed for a deeper personal encounter with the Lord. We want to keep the Main thing the Main thing… Jesus. 

Togetherness - At tre we know that together is better, together is stronger, and together is wiser. We want to partner with you by inviting you to join our catalog, host an event, rent a space, join an outreach, collaborate for a public workshop, or attend a networking gathering. Everyone and every organization has a unique approach and purpose. tre exists to help you further develop the ways that you serve Christ and His people best. We also want to mentor college students and young adults to do the same… together.                                                                         

Gratitude - We take none of this for granted. We believe in powerful and responsible stewardship that does more with less, giving more than it receives. tre is a team effort and we are so grateful to God for the inspiration to you for laboring with us!